Data Collection

Survey Progress

2018 Dialysis and Transplant Survey

The 2018 ANZDATA Registry survey, for the period ending 31-Dec-2018, is due by 31-March-2019. We would like to thank units for their ongoing contributions and timely return of the survey.

Data is collected from all adult and paediatric Renal Units in Australia and New Zealand at 31st December. This encompasses all patients receiving renal replacement therapy (RRT), either dialysis or kidney transplantation, for the treatment of end stage kidney disease (ESKD) in the previous twelve months. Real time data is collected on all new incident patients commencing RRT, changes of RRT modality, changes in treating centre, death and other major events such as new cancer diagnoses.

The twelve month collection of data commenced from 31 December 2004. Prior to April 2004, data was collected twice a year at 31st March and 30th September.

A survey form of previously recorded information for each patient is distributed for updating purposes, in either a preprinted, electronic format or combination, as indicated by each unit. Separate data forms for recording specific detail of paediatric, acute rejection, cancer, ABO incompatible transplant and peritonitis are distributed, once again in preprinted, electronic or a combination of formats. A full list of ANZDATA DATA forms are available in electronic format.

The ANZDATA data dictionary and ANZDATA Post Survey Dataset Specifications describes the structure of the database. This is updated whenever a revised data collection form is produced and also whenever coding changes or database modifications are made.

A list of the participating units is available from the most recent ANZDATA Report Contents file on the ANZDATA website and is published with a wide national and international circulation.