The following Registry Embedded Trials are collaborative projects with our partners Australiasian Kidney Trials Network (AKTN) and the National Health and Medical Research Council – Clinical Trials Centre (NHMRC-CTC). Please click on the image below for more information on the respective Registry Trial.


Symptom monitoring WIth Feedback Trial

A novel registry-based cluster randomised controlled trial among Australian and New Zealand adults on haemodialysis to asess if symptom monitoring with feedback to nurses, kidney doctors and patients, improves health-related quality of life. Read More

Functional Image of TEACH-PD Trial

Targeted Education ApproaCH to Improve Peritoneal Dialysis Outcomes Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial (CRCT)

A pragmatic, multi-centre, multinational, cluster-randomised trial (CRCT), randomising PD units to implement TEACH-PD training modules targeted at PD trainers and incident PD patients versus standard existing practice.

Functional imgae of Resolve Trial

Randomised Evaluation of SOdium dialysate Levels on Vascular Events: A cluster clinical study

A pragmatic, c;luster-randomised study designed to evaluate the effectiveness of dialysis units adopting a higher or lower default dialysate sodium concentration.

Better Evidence for Selecting Transplant Fluids

A pragmatic, registry-based, double-blind, randomised controlled trial evaluating the effect of Plasmalyte versus 0.9% saline on early kidney transplant function in deceased donor kidney transplantation.

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