Data Policies

Lists the Registry’s policies and procedures specific to data collection and management; data requests, release and use; guidelines for international requests and statistical support; and privacy and security.

Data Requests

Data request can vary in size and complexity. Information on requesting data for quality assurance, audits, surveys, reports, research and linkage projects is located here.

Data Projects

ANZDATA has currently a large number of projects underway. For further information on these and view where a project is at, read more here.

Data Use

The Registry encourages widespread use of its data for a variety of purposes. Guidelines are available on use and interpretation of the information we collect.

Data Management

Find out what we collect and how we collect, store and analyse Registry data. List of data forms, dictionaries and annual survey requirements can be found here.

Web Services

The Registry has capabilities to receive data electronically from various systems. You can find technical specifications and API webservice requirements here.