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  • Hugh McCarthy (Convenor)
  • Sean Kennedy
  • Amelia Le Page
  • Kylie Hurst
  • Chanel Prestidge
  • Anne Durkan
  • Swasti Chaturvedi
  • Eric Au (Epi Fellow)
  • Dee Hahn
  • Anita Van Zwieten
  • Nick Selvathesan

Lastest News

2 new publications as of 2020:

“Long term outcomes of paediatric renal transplantation in Australia in New Zealand”

“Human leukocyte antigen eplet mismatches and long-term clinical outcomes in paediatric renal transplantation: a pragmatic, registry based study”


Genetic kidney disease in adult and paediatric patients with chronic kidney disease

Timing of RRT of paediatric patients with ESKD in Australia and New Zealand

Recurrence of FSGS*

The antecedents of renal disease in aboriginal children & young people (ardac)*

Clinical outcomes in patients with ESKD due to Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease in Australia and New Zealand

Simulation modelling of disease progression and treatment course in patients with genetic kidney diseases

The impact of sex-differences on health outcomes in kidney replacement therapy for children and adolescents with chronic kidney disease using the ANZDATA registry

ESKD in childhood and registry reporting of comorbid vascular disease

Etiology, frequency and treatment of ESKD in Aboriginal Children in Australia

Survival and kidney transplantation rate of paediatric patients under 5 years of age with ESKD in Australia and New Zealand

Improve immuNologiCal assEssment to improve PaediaTric kidney transplantION*

Prediction of graft survival after pediatric kidney transplantation in children under 5 and development of a simple tool to assist clinical decision

IPNA Registry Report : Patient survival in children treated with renal replacement therapy – a comparison between three continents


June 2023

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