• Amelia Le Page (Convenor)
  • Sean Kennedy
  • Amanda Walker
  • Kylie Hurst
  • Chanel Prestidge
  • Anne Durkan
  • Hugh McCarthy
  • Swatsi Chatvurdi

Lastest News

2 new publications as of 2020:

“Long term outcomes of paediatric renal transplantation in Australia in New Zealand”

“Human leukocyte antigen eplet mismatches and long-term clinical outcomes in paediatric renal transplantation: a pragmatic, registry based study”

New Data Collection


  • Genetic kidney disease in adult and paediatric patients with chronic kidney disease
  • Timing of RRT of paediatric patients with ESKD in Australia and New Zealand
  • Recurrence of FSGS*
  • The antecedents of renal disease in aboriginal children & young people (ardac)*
  • Clinical outcomes in patients with ESKD due to Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease in Australia and New Zealand
  • Simulation modelling of disease progression and treatment course in patients with genetic kidney diseases
  • The impact of sex-differences on health outcomes in kidney replacement therapy for children and adolescents with chronic kidney disease using the ANZDATA registry
  • ESKD in childhood and registry reporting of comorbid vascular disease
  • Etiology, frequency and treatment of ESKD in Aboriginal Children in Australia
  • Survival and kidney transplantation rate of paediatric patients under 5 years of age with ESKD in Australia and New Zealand
  • Improve immuNologiCal assEssment to improve PaediaTric kidney transplantION*
  • Prediction of graft survival after pediatric kidney transplantation in children under 5 and development of a simple tool to assist clinical decision
  • IPNA Registry Report : Patient survival in children treated with renal replacement therapy – a comparison between three continents