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  • Rachael Morton (Convenor)
  • Neil Boudville
  • Stephen McDonald
  • Suetonia Palmer
  • Rajesh Raj
  • Andrew Salmon
  • Allison Tong
  • Rachael Walker
  • Eric Au (Epi Fellow)
  • Jo Denvir
  • Lavern Greenham
  • Jessica Roydhouse
  • Matthew Anderson (Adv Trainee)
  • Sadia Jahan (Adv Trainee)

Lastest News

Completed the System Monitoring With Feedback Trial (SWIFT) – pilot study which included 4 Haemodialysis Units, and 226 patients

SWIFT Trial won best poster at ACTA for Registry-based trial methods

New Data Collection


PREMS UK Study and Consumer Feedback

SONG HD Fatigue as a secondary outcome measure to SWIFT main trial


May 2023

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