Provides the latest reports published by the Registry on summaries of data, hospital reports and annual data analyses. You can filter by type of report, year published or keywords.

Scientific Articles

Lists the scholarly articles accepted for publication using registry data. You can search by Author, periodical or keywords.


Lists the presentations given by Registry personnel and those invited to present on behalf of the Registry. You can search by conference location, presenter, year and by keywords.

Attribution Statement

OurĀ attribution statement is to provide guidance on how to acknowledge and credit ANZDATA when data is used for publication.

ANZDATA has a variety of additional report outputs on data collected. This includes:

  • Preliminary reporting on monthly activity by unit, jurisdiction and country;
  • Quarterly quality indicator reporting;
  • Annual summaries of data in the form of tabular data;
  • Information brochures and,
  • Patient information sheets (also using info-graphics).