• Matthew Roberts (Convenor)
  • Kylie Hurst
  • David Semple
  • Leanne Brown
  • Lukas Kairaitis
  • Rathika Krishnasamy
  • Casey Light
  • Kevan Polkinghorne
  • Nigel Toussaint
  • Emily See (Advanced Trainee)

Lastest News

Completed community dialysis and level of care proposals

Completed proposal to perform analysis using Quotidian Variable – awaiting ANZDATA statistician analysis

“Home HD Uptake and Outcomes” publication in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation Journal

New Data Collection

  • HDF Data
  • Calciphylaxis


  • Haemodialysis hours in the elderly
  • HDF and Biochemistry
  • Patient and Centre Factors associated with Home HD Technique Failure
  • Vascular Access
  • Incremental dialysis (submitted)
  • Dialysis modality versus cardiovascular mortality
  • Temporal changes in cause-specific mortality