Our Staff


  • Stephen McDonald

    Executive Officer & Director of Strategy and Policy

    Professor Stephen McDonald is the ANZDATA Executive Officer and Director of Strategy and Policy for the Registry. Professor McDonald is also the Director of the Adelaide EpiCentre (Centre for Clinical Epidemiology) based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he practices as  Senior Staff Nephrologist. Stephen works across NIKTT, ANZOD, SWIFT, and other Registry projects.

  • Image of Kylie Hurst

    Kylie Hurst

    Registry General Manager

    Kylie Hurst holds the academic qualifications of a Bachelor of Nursing and a Graduate Diploma of Nephrology. Kylie joined the Registry in 2011 and plays a pivotal role in overseeing operations of the Registry.

  • Phil Clayton

    Deputy Executive Officer & Technical Director

    Dr Clayton is the ANZDATA Deputy Executive Officer and Tehnical Director. Phil is based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he preactices as a senior consultant nephrologist and epidemiologist. Phil joined ANZDATA originally as an Epidemiological Fellow in 2015, focusing on analysis, supervision, and technical development of the Registry.

  • Image of Kelly Marshall

    Kelly Marshall

    Registry Associate General Manager

    Kelly Marshall holds a Graduate Diploma in Critical Care and joined ANZDATA in 2021, bringing a skill set of organ donation, project management, and leadership to the development of two new registries. Kelly supports the Executive team as Registry Associate General Manager.

  • Georgina Irish

    Director of Analytics and Reporting

    Dr Georgina Irish is the Director of Analystics and Reporting for ANZDATA, Executive Director of the Transplant Epidemiology Group (TrEG) and a Nephrologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Georgina joined ANZDATA orginally as the Clinical Epidemiology Fellow back in 2021 and provides clinical input and epidemiological expertise to the registry team.




  • Mandy Farmer

    ANZDATA Project Manager

    Mandy Farmer joined ANZDATA in 2012 with a background in nursing. As the Project Manager of the ANZDATA Annual Survey and Administrative team, Mandy provides support to all contributors of ANZDATA ensuring the ongoing success of the Registry survey.

  • Melissa Danaher

    Data Quality Specialist

    Melissa Danaher joined ANZDATA in 2014 with a focus on data quality and integrity through exception reporting, process improvements, and application testing. Melissa also manages the monthly reporting for ANZOD, Living Kidney, and Eye & Tissue and assists with the ANZDATA annual survey.

  • Brooke Cunningham

    Project Support Officer

    Brooke Cunningham joined ANZDATA in 2016.  Brooke works closely with the ANZDATA Project Manager to provide support to contributors to ensure the successful completion of the ANZDATA survey.  Brooke also provides support to the registries embedded trials group.

  • Danny Moody

    Administrative Assistant

    Danny Moody joined the ANZDATA team in 2021, bringing extensive experience in customer service and relations. As an integral part of the Administration team, Danny covers the day-to-day functioning of ANZDATA, ANZOD, and Living Kidney.

  • Zoe Harker

    Administrative Assistant and Project Support Officer

    Zoe Harker holds a Bachelor of Health and Medical Science from the University of Adelaide and joined the ANZDATA team in 2022.  Zoe provides support to the ANZDATA annual survey collection and administration of the Registries embedded clinical trials.

  • Alice Farmer

    Data Entry Officer

    Alice Farmer is a student at the University of South Australia studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours). Alice is a core part of the Administration team, with her expertise extending to supporting the ANZDATA annual survey contributors with all aspects of data collection.

  • Tara Hurst

    Data Entry Administrative Assistant

    Tara Hurst is currently attending the University of Adelaide, studying a double degree of Bachelor of International Relations with a Bachelor of Arts. She has a Certificate III in Business, which has aided her work in customer service and custom clinical software applications. Tara’s role and responsibilities in the team are to assist with administrative operations, data entry, and timely reporting.


  • Paul Young

    Data Systems Manager

    Paul Young has excellent experience with health data, having come from a background with SA Health. He joined the ANZDATA team in late 2022 and is responsible for ANZDATA’s information system registries. Paul is passionate about data quality and enjoys the insights that data analysis can bring to public health treatment and programs.

  • Clarissa Hompas

    Senior Software Developer

    Clarissa has worked closely with the ANZDATA team since 2018 and been instrumental in guiding and developing ANZDATA Applications into there current form in a .NET framework.

  • David Scheppers

    Software Developer

    David Scheppers joined the ANZDATA team in 2020 to expand the capacity to maintain and develop the online data entry application. David has over 20 years of experience in developing data-driven web applications in a variety of commercial and public sector environments.




  • Christopher Davies

    Lead Biostatistician

    Dr Christopher Davies has a PhD in Statistics, focusing on group-based trajectory modeling. Chris leads and conducts analyses for ANZDATA research projects and provides statistical support for the generation of regular reports and the extraction of data for custom external requests.

  • Feruza Kholmurodova


    Feruza Kholmurodova has a Masters in Applied Mathematics and Teaching and a Graduate Diploma in Biostatistics. She previously worked at Flinders University in cancer research before joining ANZDATA in 2022. Feruza provides statistical support and extraction of data for requests.

  • Eric Au

    Clinical Epidemiology Fellow

    Dr Eric Au is a nephrologist at the Alfred Hospital. Eric joined ANZDATA as the Clinical Epidemiology Fellow in 2023 and uses epidemiological registry data to help both patients and clinicians make informed decisions about kidney transplantation.

  • Annie Conway


    Annie Conway holds degrees in mathematics and finance, and has worked with statistics in a variety of applications. She joined ANZDATA in 2023 and is currently researching outcomes for patients on peritoneal dialysis for the Baxter Sharesource data linkage project. She also provides statistical support for other research projects.


  • Dominic Keuskamp

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Dr Dominic Keuskamp commenced with ANZDATA in 2020. He manages several data linkage projects investigating predictors and outcomes of kidney replacement therapy (KRT). His research also includes applications of spatial analysis to investigations of KRT.

  • Erandi Hewawasam

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Dr Erandi Hewawasam joined the Registry in 2019. Erandi supports the ongoing work of the Registry’s pregnancy research project, looking at parenthood in patients receiving dialysis or kidney transplantation, including perinatal risk and outcomes using population-based data linkage.

  • Lavern Greenham

    Clinical Research Coordinator, SWIFT

    Lavern Greenham has Honours in Health Science and a background in pregnancy nutrition research. She joined ANZDATA in 2020 to help integrate trials into the Registry and is involved in registry-based Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs).

  • Emily Duncanson

    Research Project Officer

    Emily is a registered Health Psychologist who joined the ANZDATA team in 2018. Her research interests include exploring health behaviours, quality of life, and psychological wellbeing of people living with kidney disease, using qualitative methods.

Consumer Engagement

  • Jasmin Mazis - Consumer Engagement Officer

    Jasmin Mazis

    Patient Engagement Project Officer

    Jasmin is a Registered Nurse with a Master of Public Health. She joined the ANZDATA team in 2022 as part of the BEAT-CKD, CRE-PACT. Jasmin has a passion for consumer engagement and works to encourage consumer involvement across all stages of research in kidney disease.

National Indigenous Kidney Transplantation Taskforce

  • Katie Cundale

    Program Manager

    Katie is originally from England and has a Master of Public Health from Imperial College London. She joined the ANZDATA team on the NIKTT project in 2021, where she focuses on health equity and improving access to care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  • Kelli Owen

    Consumer Engagement Lead

    Kelli Owen is a Kaurna, Narungga, and Ngarrindjeri woman who has a Master of Indigenous Languages Education and is a PhD candidate focusing on Indigenous Data Sovereignty. She joined ANZDATA in 2020 as part of the NIKTT team and is now also the Project Lead for the MRFF-funded COMPASS project.


  • Isabelle Haklar

    Project Coordinator

    Isabelle Haklar holds a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Master of Public Health from Flinders University. Isabelle joined the ANZDATA team on the Connecting Our Mob: Patient navigators As Sustainable Supports (COMPASS) project in 2023, where she works to improve kidney care and treatment pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  • Matilda D'Antoine

    Research Officer

    Matilda D’Antoine is a Paakantyi woman from far western NSW with an Honours Degree in Psychological Science. Matilda joined ANZDATA in 2019 on the NIKTT project before joining the COMPASS team in 2022, where she works to improve access to and outcomes from transplantation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

PhD Students

  • Samantha Bateman

    PhD Candidate

    Dr Samantha Bateman in a nephrologist and general physician, working at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. As a PhD candidate, she is researching the benefits and burdens of kidney transplantation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  • Alison Weightman

    PhD Candidate

    Dr Alison Weightman is a nephrologist at Flinders Medical Centre. Her PhD research focuses on Decision-Making in Transplantation where she will be combining ethical analysis with qualitative methodologies.

  • Lachlan McMichael

    PhD Candidate

    Dr Lachlan McMichael is a nephrologist and early career clinician-researcher. His PhD research focuses on international trends in kidney transplant waitlisting, developing administrative measures of eligibility for transplantation, and assessing resource utilisation during transplant evaluation.