Our Staff

Registry General Manager

  • Kylie Hurst

    Registry General Manager

    Kylie Hurst holds the academic qualifications of a Bachelor of Nursing and a Graduate Diploma of Nephrology. Kylie joined the Registry in 2011 and plays a pivotal role in overseeing operations of the Registry. She has also been instrumental in transforming and modernising operations to more effectively integrate and use electronic data management and reporting processes.

Project Support

  • Kelly Marshall

    Acting Registry General Manager

  • Mandy Farmer

    ANZDATA Project Manager

  • Maneesha Kandamby

    Data Systems Manager

    Maneesha Kandamby joined the Registry in 2013 and is responsible for ensuring the effective operation and maintenance of the Registry by managing the design, implementation and maintenance of large scale application databases including data integrity, security and accessibility of clinical data, reporting and data reconciliation.

  • Melissa Danaher

    Data Quality Specialist


  • Dr Georgina Irish

    Clinical Epidemiology Fellow

  • Dr Christopher Davies

    Lead Biostatistician

    Dr Christopher Davies completed a PhD in Statistics at the University of Adelaide, focussing on group-based trajectory modelling. His research interests include methods for comparing centres, and for longitudinal data. Chris conducts analyses for ANZDATA research projects and in collaboration with those in the nephrology community. Chris also provides statistical support for the generation of regular reports and the extraction of data for custom external requests.

  • Kathryn Dansie



  • Brooke Cunningham

    Project Support Officer

  • Danny Moody

    Administration Support - Data Collection


  • Dr Erandi Hewawasam

    Post Doctoral Research Officer

    Dr Erandi Hewawasam recently joined the Registry as Postdoctoral Fellow, in 2019. Erandi has been successful in her previous research roles and she brings this skill set to further support the ongoing work of the Registry’s research project – parenthood in patients receiving dialysis or kidney transplantation, including perinatal risk and outcomes using population based data linkage.

  • Dr Dominic Keuskamp

    Post Doctoral Research Officer

  • Dr Shyamsundar Muthuramalingam

    Post Doctoral Research Officer

    Shyam commenced as a Project Officer in March 2020 to lead the ANZDATA’s Registry’s consumer-related activities and continue BEAT-CKD’s consumer engagement work in 2020 and beyond. He is a lived experience consumer partner who is currently involved in the production of consumer-specific ANZDATA reports in plain language, disseminate research information to consumers, and been involved in workshops to educate others about involving consumers in research.

  • Emily Duncanson

    Research Officer

Commmunity & Consumer Engagement

  • Kelli Owen

    National Community Engagement Coordinator - NIKTT

  • Dr Shyamsundar Muthuramalingam

    National Community Engagement Coordinator - ANZDATA