What Information does ANZDATA collect about me ?

Your hospital gives ANZDATA your name, postcode, date of birth, gender, ethnic background (your race), some information about your health conditions, and information about the type and outcome of the kidney treatment you are receiving (dialysis or transplant). This information is collected when you start dialysis or have a transplant, and then every year. We DO NOT collect personal details about your address, telephone number, Medicare number, medical insurance, or non-medical matters such as occupation or income.

How does ANZDATA protect my data?

There is a lot of security in place to protect your information. ANZDATA follows Australian and New Zealand Government rules about keeping your information private and confidential. There are many security measures to make sure all the information is kept very safely. The computer systems are protected. Information is transferred in a safe and secure way.

How do I access my data?

You can ask to see your own information at any time or get copies of the reports that ANZDATA make. If you have any questions or concerns about giving your information to ANZDATA at any stage, you can talk to your kidney doctor. You can also contact ANZDATA by phone (+61 8 8128 4758) or by email anzdata@anzdata.org.au

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