The Better Evidence And Translation – Chronic Kidney Disease (BEAT-CKD) is funded by a NHMRC Program Grant (APP1092957) that supports four research and translation platforms, including the ANZDATA Registry. BEAT-CKD aims to improve the lives of people living with chronic kidney disease in Australia and globally by generating high-quality research evidence to inform healthcare decisions made by patients, health professionals, and policy makers.

BEAT-CKD Website

BEAT-CKD funded-projects at ANZDATA include:

  • Organ utilisation and allocation
  • Exploring patient travel to access in-centre haemodialysis
  • Consumer engagement in research
  • Data linkage
  • Pregnancy and parenthood in chronic kidney disease and renal replacement therapy patients
  • Patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) in Australia & New Zealand Renal units and the ANZDATA Registry – Symptom Monitoring WIth Feedback Trial (SWIFT)
  • Improving impact and outcomes of ANZDATA hospital-specific performance reports
  • Integration of the following pragmatic registry trials into the ANZDATA Registry:
Better Evidence for Selecting Transplant Fluids
Randomised Evaluation of Sodium dialysate on Levels Vascular Events: A cluster clinical study
Targeted Education ApproaCH to Improve Peritoneal Dialysis Outcomes Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial (CRCT) Study

BEAT-CKD Registries Symposium Presentations