In June 2018, the Minister for Indigenous Health, the Hon Ken Wyatt MP, established an expert panel, convened by ANZDATA’s Executive Officer, Professor Stephen McDonald, to investigate and identify barriers faced by Indigenous people in accessing and maintaining a kidney transplant. The TSANZ Performance Report, “Improving Access to and Outcomes of Kidney Transplantation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Australia”, constitutes the first piece of work produced by the expert panel, as commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Health. The Report provides a detailed analysis of available evidence around:

  1. Evidence and gaps around steps to waitlisting and to long term transplant function;
  2. Improving Indigenous dialysis patients’ health to improve their capacity to be listed; and
  3. Measures to address these gaps.

After receiving the Report, the Minister for Indigenous Health announced funding of $2.3 million to establish a National Indigenous Kidney Transplantation Taskforce, which will be responsible for implementing and evaluating the Report’s priority recommendations, as outlined in the Executive Summary.

Performance Report (published March 2019)